Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Major Project Pre-Production - Animatic

Our third year major project has begun. Me and my friend Aled have decided to work together on a VFX action sequence. We were inspired alot by the Halo Reach Advert 'Deliver Hope' and wanted to create a piece with a similar focus on atmosphere and mood. We want it to be epic and want to have a strong soundtrack to it, as this seems very important. We have spent the last couple of weeks developing a story to the piece. Although we are focusing alot on the mood and feel of the piece, we still need a narrative to give meaning to the visuals. We have made an animatic of our first draft of storyboards which I think gives a pretty good idea of what we are going for. We have chosen a piece of music that has inspired us but we will not use this in our final piece but I think it helps to set the scene. Bare in mind that no character designs have been done yet.

Major Project Animatic 02 from Joe O'Connor on Vimeo.

Environment Turnarounds

Here is some turnarounds of my environment project to show in more detail what I have done. Bare with it as its quite long.

Environment Project Turnarounds from Joe O'Connor on Vimeo.

Third Year Begins - Environment Project

Our first brief of the year was to design and create an environment for a game or film. This project was also a way of introducing us to Maya. I decided to create a space scene involving a cluster of asteriods with a small factory and observatory on top of one of them. I feel the project went well even though using Maya was a huge obstacle to overcome. I learnt quite alot about texturing, specifically tiling and how Maya works. Here are a few designs, Previsualisations, and Final stills of my environment.