Thursday, 27 January 2011

Green Screen Practice Test

On monday we did a practice shoot with our actor Dan Ralph. Jonny has been doing some practice shots. I'm fairly pleased with the results but remember they are just tests and we still need to go to the location to get photos to help us with the matte paintings.

Small Alien Production

I have begun to model the small alien imbetween getting the film organised. I started to get a basic shape on Max. I then took it into Mudbox which i began to put the detail in. I still need to get the finer detail sorted. But I'm fairly pleased with the results so far.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Heres the previsualisation of our film to get an idea of timing. We need to make some improvements on some shots and add a few more shots in. I think the animatic gives a better idea of style and atmosphere but this helps get an idea of movement. My shots are pretty poor (Aled's are much better), I havn't animated in ages (if you can call it animation). We want to add some more shots when he enters the building to communicate that he has gone to the top of the building. We were thinking of strapping the camera to his gun and the camera looking back at him as hes clearing rooms and travelling upstairs. I think that could be really effective and will require no CG elements.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Small Alien

I design the Small Alien in our film. Here are some of my sheets and pre-vizs.


Here are some of the storyboards that we put in the animatic that I did. We put in a bit more detail into the final ones and hopefully they show more detail.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Final Animatic

Here is the final animatic of our major project film. Hopefully it is easily readable and you can get an idea of the visuals

Alien Weapon

We have finished preproduction! I designed the Alien Weapon and the Small Alien. Here is some designs and pre-viz of my alien weapon. It is a powerful weapon deployed by the aliens. it attaches itself to its surroundings using long claw like limbs and is controlled via a control panel.

Third Animatic

Here is the third animatic of our film. We have adjusted a few shots to improve it.

Rick Grimes

Inspired by the graphic novel 'The Walking Dead' and the release of the series I decided to make the character Rick Grimes for a project at university. The project's focus was to develop our skills with mudbox. I choose this character because i could mudbox his uniform and get some nice detail from that. I really enjoyed using mudbox and here is the outcome.