Saturday, 16 April 2011

Filming and Rendering

This week we failed to film again due to matters out of our controll. I'm hoping not much more can go wrong with this project. We are hoping to film on monday but the weather keeps getting nicer (fingers crossed). I have been working on getting my textures correct in maya which has been a struggle due to the blinn in max being different to the blinn in maya. I think I mostly have it sorted now. I got my alien to put it which is going to be a little harder as I'm using SSS fast skin.

Our friend ryan from Dynamo came in on thursday to give us the basics of rendering. It fried our brains but for the better. I have done some practices with render passes and am going to create a render template in which to apply to all our scenes.

Unfortunatly the server room at uni is down due to over heating and means the renderfarm and all autodesk liscences are down for the entire weekend! but will hopefully be fixed by monday, as this is a great hinderence.

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