Friday, 13 May 2011

Website Complete

I have handed in my website today. I'm quite pleased with how it looks and I'm glad to get it out of the way to focus on the film. I tried to keep it to the same style as this blog.
My website is

I also thought I'd post the development of shot 08 with the planes exploding. Josh from motion design has done a really good job of making the explosion. Here is a still of it so far. Very exciting.

Aled and myself started work on shot 11 on wednesday. Its the most complicated shot in terms of animation, rendering, and comping due to the huge number of aliens. I think we have around 12+ in there so far. Rendering the passes how the motion design guys want is time consuming and I not experience enough with maya to know a quicker way, almost done though. I found that the SSS fast skin on my alien doesnt support passes very easily so I have had to change my alien textures back to standard ones which took up some time. I've just got to sort out the shadows of the aliens then i'm pretty much finished.

We've got one week left so we got tons of work to do to get something for the deadline. The motion design guys have given us deadlines for when they need certain shots in order to finish on friday. the deadlines are too far out of reach. Fingers crossed.

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