Saturday, 15 May 2010

E4 Advert Progress

Recently I have managed to render out my shots and have composited them together on After Effects. I am now waiting for them to render out to put them onto Premiere to export the final product. I am fairly happy with the result. There are a few changes that I would like to make if I have time but I now have to put my focus onto finishing my vehicle which I'm half way through texturing but have not touched in a long time. Hopefully I should get it done quickly. I also want to put sound to my E4 advert and so I need to find time to work with my friend to make a soundtrack and SFX. So far my friend Keith has been working on the soundtrack which started out as quite orchestral but has changed it to a more electronic sound to suit the style of E4 more. I need to give Keith a final edit so the music and SFX can be properly applied.

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